Best vitamin C for skin

Vitamin C is the new game changer in a case of skin care.  The best vitamin c for skin is most important part of the human. “With added vitamin C” is the common written phrase in the products of cosmetic counters. 

Vitamin C is known as Ascorbic acid and L-ascorbic acid. It is basically a vitamin common in foods. Vitamin C is used as a dietary supplement. From the very beginning of its discovery, vitamin C was mainly used to treat scurvy. It is taken by injection or by mouth.

Vitamin C is consumed in a good amount as it is well tolerated. Moreover, it does not stay in the body like other vitamins. As a result, a daily consumption is necessary to get the best result from the vitamin C contained foods. Even during pregnancy Vitamin C is safe. 

Best Vitamin C for skin is available in some of our daily foods. It is an essential nutrient that involves in tissue repairing. Citrus fruit, red peppers, tomatoes, and potatoes are some best sources of vitamin C. 

Though Vitamin C is a well-tolerated vitamin, large doses may cause some problems. There may be a headache, gastrointestinal discomfort, flushing of the skin and trouble sleeping as well. 

Why is Vitamin C so important for your skin? 

Vitamin C is the latest hero for skin care. Dr. Joseph Hkeik of All Saints Skin Clinics, Sydney specifies that the vitamin C assists to fight against pigmentation. It also helps to resist signs of aging. He added that in the case of brightening the skin and for exfoliation, Vitamin C is unique. It is a very powerful antioxidant as it promotes collagen production. 

Turnover of the cells is really performed with the help of vitamin C. In treating pigmentation vitamin C is the best. As it is the best whitener, it is now used in most of the skin care products. 

The best vitamin C for skin

In the case of skin care, vitamin C is found in different forms. It is found in liquid and powder or crystal forms. Generally, powdered forms extend the shelf life of the products. Vitamin C is made crystal form sometimes because when it gets exposed to air, Vitamin C can oxidize. 

Best Vitamin C Supplement

Another available form of vitamin C for skin is the vitamin C serum. In the vitamin C serum, the antioxidant quality of vitamin C is used. This antioxidant protects the skin from free radicals. It is also essential in the production of collagen. The common vitamin C serum generally contains 7.5% Ascorbic acid (vitamin C). This acid is very much essential to reduce discoloration and at the same time brighten skin.

The method of vitamin C application on skin.

You have to follow some precautionary measures before any application. It is more important if it is related to skin. Same is the case with the application of vitamin C in your skin. 

If you want to consume vitamin C, you can have it daily with your daily food. But in this case, you have to be careful also. Too much vitamin C consumption is also harmful to your gastrointestinal health. It may create many other problems along with skin problems.

In the case of the vitamin C serum application, some precautionary measures are very much important. Generally, vitamin C products are introduced in the skin care regime gradually. You have to ensure if your skin reacts to the product. If the serum reacts, at first you have to lessen the amount of application. If even then it doesn’t suit your skin, you have to try any other serum. But when you become sure that your skin can handle the smattering of vitamin C, you can continue the product. 

How to choose the best vitamin C serum for skin.

It is a great matter of fact. There is thousands vitamin C serum in the market. But the most difficult job is to choose the best for your skin. In this regard, you have to follow some steps.

a.You have to choose whether you need Ascorbic acid or sodium Ascorbyl phosphate or Ascorbyl palmitate. 
b.You need to know if you require water based serum or oil based serum.
c.Percentage of vitamin C in the product is very important.
d.PH level of the product should be monitored.
e.You have to know the additional ingredients present in the product.

Thus, now you can decide what is the best vitamin C for your skin.

Author — Syed Tutul


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